HAPPY WVLF INC is an outdoor brand with an emphasis on community. Oakland based, we use a blend of experience, inspiration, and art to tell stories and use wolves, the outdoors, and clothing as symbols for change. We seek to reimagine outerwear to better reflect the family we are building. Part of this journey is creating works that speak to everyone, which is why our clothing is unisex.

Our work speaks to the new wave of culture, environmental impact, and equity. We strive to create engaging experiences and clothing that has our family (you) in mind. Our team creates compelling clothing without sacrificing the creative process. At HWI, we take time with each of our collections. We don't adhere to seasonal timelines or traditional fashion release dates. We believe in creating beautiful and timeless works.

If you appreciate the outside, wolves, or see the world and our communities as something worth cherishing and protecting, you are WVLF. We are more than a clothing brand; we are a family that will always have your back.